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New Jigsaw Puzzle Box Designs

This is a first look at the puzzle box graphic redesign project that we have been working on. The graphics below preview the “New Look” Jigsaw Puzzle boxes we plan to introduce in the near future. You can of course still request a different layout, or changes to this layout when placing your order. Drop us an email and let us know if you like them: 1000 Piece Puzzle – Horizontal Orientation 1000 Piece Puzzle – Vertical Orientation 672 Piece […]

Museum Puzzles Marketing Support

It’s important to promote a new product in order to make it visible to gift store shoppers. This is even more important when it is a highly visual product such as a Jigsaw Puzzle. It’s a great idea to show a completed puzzle in your store so shoppers get a chance to see the completed puzzle and it’s size. To help with the successful launch of a new Jigsaw Puzzle in your gift store, we offer a range of marketing […]

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The Educational Benefits of Museum Jigsaw Puzzles

Museum gift shops really are wonderful places. These stores are usually the last stop for museum guests; before they go home for the day. As such it’s imperative that museum and attraction owners stock their gift shops with the types of items that people really enjoy purchasing. But stocking the right items doesn’t just begin and end with the purchase; you’ll want to make sure that the items you sell in your gift shop also impart a bit of fun […]

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Why Jigsaw Puzzles Are A Great Way To Promote Your New Exhibit or Attraction

When zoos, tourist attractions and museums open a new exhibit things can get pretty exciting. Of course, to make that excitement contagious and to bring in new customers to check them out it takes a certain amount of PR. And since people love getting their hands on new souvenirs and gifts, it’s smart to have some promotional items on hand that you can use to promote your newest exhibit or attraction. That’s where jigsaw puzzles come into the equation. These […]

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Postcard Puzzles From The Edge

Gone are the days when postcards referred only to boring printed pictures on paper. If you want some interactive fun, why not carry postcard puzzles in your gift shop? It’s a perfect little treat for all your patrons! When we think of postcards, we don’t think of them together with jigsaw puzzles. But that’s the reason why postcard puzzles are so novel and exciting. The combination of two previously unrelated things to make something that is unique and fun. Most […]

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Museum Jigsaw Puzzles: The Perfect Item for Museum Gift Stores

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People everywhere – regardless of age – enjoy visiting museums and other attractions. And when the day winds to an end, museum owners count on their guests making a stop by the gift shop to purchase some memorabilia. For those museum and attraction owners who want to make more sales, there’s no better item to keep in stock than attraction-related museum jigsaw puzzles. Why People Love Museum Jigsaw Puzzles One of the main reasons that guests love to buy custom […]

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