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It’s important to promote a new product in order to make it visible to gift store shoppers. This is even more important when it is a highly visual product such as a Jigsaw Puzzle. It’s a great idea to show a completed puzzle in your store so shoppers get a chance to see the completed puzzle and it’s size.

To help with the successful launch of a new Jigsaw Puzzle in your gift store, we offer a range of marketing support materials and services. Depending upon your order quantity, we also offer a selection of these items free of charge with each order. Additional quantities can be purchased for a nominal fee.

Digital 3D images of your puzzle boxes

As part of the order process we provide you with high resolution 3D image representations of your boxed Jigsaw Puzzle. These are great for promoting your puzzle products in both print brochures and online. Use these on your website as product images or in emails to announce the availability of your new puzzle products. Standard versions of these are available free of charge with your order. If however you need further graphical layouts of your range of puzzle products, for an additional fee our in-house Graphics Designer would be happy to put these together for you.

50% Cut Sample Puzzles for Wall Display

Displaying a full sized puzzle on your gift store wall is a great way to showcase your new range of custom made Jigsaw Puzzles. To make this easier, we can produce a 50% cut puzzle. This basically means that the puzzle will be cut only half way through. From the front, it will look like a completed Jigsaw Puzzle but the piece will not come apart. This makes it a great items to use as a wall display.

Please note that to make shipping easier, we do cut larger puzzles into two pieces with each piece then being 50% cut. The two sections can then be easily fitted together to display the completed puzzle.

Empty Puzzle Boxes for Display Only Purposes

We can also supply empty Jigsaw Puzzle boxes which are great for use in gift store displays. The boxes will look exactly the same as the retail puzzle but will not have the actual puzzle included inside. This makes them lighter and easier to display on shelves and on the wall.

Depending upon your order quantity, we do provide a small quantity of these items free of charge with your trade order. Please contact our Sales Manager Alan Richardson for more information.

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