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As with most gift store merchandize, a Jigsaw Puzzle is usually an impulse buy. The most successful puzzles will be those that depict an image that invokes an emotional connection to the museum. It’s like giving the visitor a little bit of the museum or attraction to take home with them.

…and that’s our specialty.

Using your images, we will manufacture a range of Jigsaw Puzzles custom made specifically for your museum or attraction. These will be unique to your store and not available anywhere else.

jigsaw puzzle order quantitiesOur minimum order quantity is just 100 puzzles and within this, you can have a number of puzzle designs. This offers you the chance to test market a small quantity of puzzles in your store and if successful, reorder higher quantities at lower costs.

Puzzle cost will drop with larger orders. Our standard quantity price breaks are at 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500 and 5000 puzzles but we can quote you for other order quantities. Just request a quote and we would be happy to work out a price for you.

puzzle print qualityFor smaller puzzle order quantities, we photographically reproduce your image to make a print similar to that produced by your local photo lab. This offers excellent picture quality and lasting color and gives a quality feel to the puzzle.

For large volume orders, we use a 4 color offset print technology to produce the puzzle image. This also produced a high quality print but at lower cost per print for larger print runs.
Using high quality specialized puzzle adhesive, the puzzle print is then sealed to a strong “Grade A” quality cardboard backing and then die cut to produce the puzzle pieces.

importance of puzzle imageThe success of a Jigsaw Puzzle is undoubtedly tied to the quality and “wow” factor of the image. Just like a postcard or a poster, a puzzle with an awesome image will sell itself. A great puzzle image will be sharp and in focus, have lots of foreground and background detail, and be colorful.

Puzzle images often benefit from color and contrast enhancement to make them really “pop”. Our Graphics Design team uses their skills to ensure your images are presented in the best way possible.

puzzle box designThe puzzle box is the packaging for the jigsaw puzzle and therefore needs to present the puzzle image and your branding in the best possible way. A customer’s decision to purchase will be based on how the puzzle image is presented on the box and therefore it needs to stand out. To add contrast, we generally recommend using a black box to bring out the color and detail of the image.

For smaller orders, we use a pre-printed black box and attach a custom designed label to the top and sides reflecting the puzzle image and your branding. For larger orders, we will 4 color offset print the box. In both bases, we generally enclose the box in cellophane to protect it on your store shelf.

Our Graphics Design team will work with you to design the layout of your puzzle box and incorporate your branding and other information. We always prepare a 3D preview for you to see how your box will look. Once approved, we will proceed to production.

quality controlOur puzzles go through various quality control checks at each stage of the printing and production process. Upon request, we can produce a sample puzzle based on your selected image before you order so you know exactly what to expect from us.

We do take extra care when packing puzzles to ensure that no pieces are lost at this stage. Mistakes however do happen by both us and our customers so it is impossible to tell exactly where a puzzle pieces went missing. For this reason, we always produce and ship a small quantity of additional puzzles with your order so you have spares in case you need to replace a puzzle.

puzzle piece cutWe create and design our own puzzle dies so the layout of the piece cut is unique to us. Ask any puzzler and they will tell you that a puzzle where all the pieces are the same size and shape becomes boring and frustrating after a while. A good puzzle will have a variety of piece shapes.

For this reason, we offer a range of piece sizes and shapes in all of our larger puzzles. Click here to view a sample layout from one of our puzzles.

custom die designTo meet special situations, we can also create and design a custom die cut specifically for your order. If you have a need for a non standard design then send us the details and we would be happy to quote you for this.

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