Why Jigsaw Puzzles Are A Great Way To Promote Your New Exhibit or Attraction

When zoos, tourist attractions and museums open a new exhibit things can get pretty exciting. Of course, to make that excitement contagious and to bring in new customers to check them out it takes a certain amount of PR. And since people love getting their hands on new souvenirs and gifts, it’s smart to have some promotional items on hand that you can use to promote your newest exhibit or attraction.

That’s where jigsaw puzzles come into the equation. These puzzles can be custom made to feature any artwork or photograph that you desire so they are a natural way to publicize those new attractions to the public. Unlike other, generic and common custom made products, jigsaw puzzles reflecting the image of a new exhibit or attraction are the type of item that people really enjoy getting their hands on. Puzzles always end up being passing around between family members and friends and often used time and time again over many years.

Here are some of the benefits both you and your guests get when you offer attraction-related jigsaw puzzles:

They get the Word Out

When people purchase or receive a custom or promotional puzzle as a giveaway, you’re doing your part to get word out on the streets about your newest exhibits. Word of mouth is always a welcome form of publicity, and since people really enjoy working on these puzzles, they naturally want to share the experience of putting them together with their friends and family. So the customer gets the fun of putting the puzzle together with their friends, and your new attraction gets automatic word of mouth notoriety.

People get a sense of Ownership and Engagement with your New Exhibit or Attraction

When someone takes a new custom printed museum puzzle home that features an image of a key exhibit or other artwork, they feel like they actually have a small piece of that exhibit in their own homes. And that feeling of ownership ensures that these guests will come back again and again to see their favorite new exhibit.

They are an Inexpensive Way to Promote your New Attraction

postcard puzzle mailerEven better than postcard marketing, you can use postcard puzzles as a very cost effective way to promote your attraction to your mailing list or as an event giveaway. Unlike some other items, you can purchase custom printed postcard puzzles with your marketing message and image at very reasonable prices.

Using postcard puzzles as a marketing tool is unusual and noteworthy and is guaranteed to get the attention of the recipient. So if you have money figured into your advertising budget, you can use these puzzles as a very inexpensive giveaway item or direct mailer to attract new visitors.

Read more about our Postcard Puzzles here.

A Source of Income to Help Cover the Cost of Visiting Attractions

Museum jigsaw puzzles allow zoos, museums and other tourist attractions to recoup some of the costs associated with putting new exhibits on display. If you have something that people want to see, there’s a good chance that you sunk a fair bit of money into that exhibit. Selling custom made “Limited Edition” museum puzzles in your gift store is a great way to make some of that money back. And since you can mark up these puzzles at a premium cost – after all they are custom made items – you make a tidy profit on every unit sold.

Do your part to make your newest zoo or museum exhibit a smashing success. Consider some of the things mentioned in this article, and put these fun, engaging jigsaw puzzles to work promoting your latest exhibit to the public.

MuseumPuzzles.com specialize in the design and custom printing quality Jigsaw Puzzles for Museums, zoos and other attractions worldwide. Please send us an inquiry if you would like to find out more about launching a range of custom printed puzzles for your gift store.

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