Puzzle Sizes

Jigsaw Puzzles are popular with all age groups from young children to grandparents.
If your attraction has a lot of family visitors, it’s a good idea to carry a range of
both adult and children’s puzzles.
adult puzzle sizes
Adult Puzzles generally have a larger number of pieces and offer a great challenge.

336 pieces12 x 18in
504 pieces16 x 20in
672 pieces18 x 24.5in
756 pieces16 x 30in
1000 pieces20 x 28in

childrens puzzle sizes
Puzzles are popular with children as young as 3 years old so we offer a range of sizes and piece counts to meet the needs of different age groups.

Younger Children

6 pieces8 x 10in
12 pieces10 x 12in
20 pieces10 x 12in
30 pieces8.25in x 11.75in (A4)
48 pieces8.25in x 11.75in (A4)
99 pieces12 x 18in
35 pieces12 x 18in
70 pieces18 x 24.5in

Older Children

165 pieces8 x 10in
108 pieces10 x 12in
240 pieces10 x 12in
198 pieces18 x 24.5in

postcard puzzles
Postcard Puzzles are quirky and different and a great impulse buy for your gift store.

9 pieces4.5 x 6.5in
24 pieces4.5 x 6.5in

custom puzzle sizes
If you do not find what you are looking for in the puzzle sizes above, we can also custom design
puzzle sizes, shapes and piece counts specifically for you. We can offer puzzles designed in a
specific shape such as a round or heart shaped puzzle. For more information or to request a
quotation, please click here to send us an inquiry.